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How do I check my oil?

Gary Jaffarian will explain how to check your oil in a few simple steps and why changing your oil is so important.

dipstick1Engine oil is vital to your vehicle’s well-being and essential to the operation of your vehicle. Oil reduces friction between moving parts and helps remove heat from the engine. At Jaffarian Volvo Toyota, we drain and refill your vehicle with factory-recommended oil, replace the oil filter and reset the maintenance indicator light. Most people prefer to have it done professionally by a factory-trained maintenance technician as we have at Jaffarian.

Let’s discuss what happens if you don’t change your oil on regular intervals, as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. You always want to check the manual or check on line to see what is recommended. If you don’t change the oil, the old oil will turn to a solid sludge, instead of a thick liquid oil. When it is not changed as often as recommended, the dirty oil becomes abrasive and causes needless engine wear and can result in catastrophic engine failure.

Older model vehicles often use conventional oil, which is lower cost, but needs to be changed every 3-5,000 miles. Newer model vehicles most often use synthetic oil which lasts for 8-10,000 miles. Synthetic oil better protects your engine and lasts longer, though costs more than conventional oil—but well worth it. It is easy to check your oil, but not so easy to replace it.

How to check your oil:check oil level
• Shut the engine off.
• Release the trunk hood lever in the vehicle and open the hood latch.
• Properly raise the bar to hold the hood up.
• Find the oil dipstick which generally has a yellow or orange handle on the top.
• Have a rag or paper towel handy.
• Remove the dip stick, clean it off and reinsert it, then pull it out again. Look for the level markers to be certain it is between high and low.
• If it closer to the low marker, you generally need to add 1-3 quarts of oil. Check the owner’s manual to see what type of oil is required.
• Watch our video on the Jaffarian You Tube Channel.

If you check your oil and it needs oil, schedule an appointment online or call us and we will change your oil and check all your fluids. Most people would not go through the trouble and risk a mishap to change their own oil, when for a small amount of money, you can come to Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Service Department and relax in our waiting room watching TV, using you laptop or tablet while sipping a hot or cold beverage. There is even a playroom for young children. We will get you in and out within the hour and will use the specific oil recommended for your vehicle. You can schedule your appointment on line 24/7 or call (888) 718-4749 for an appointment Monday through Saturday.

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